AA Merchant Services is Anytime Anywhere Merchant Services.

"The commitment to making your services for customers Anytime, Anywhere."

Credit Card

Credit Card

  • Save 10 ~ 45 %

Gift Card

  • Create new business repeatedly
  • Annual revenue growth
  • Attract new customers

Mobile Payment

  • Save your time and charge (Fee) Money
  • Available to Anytime & Anywhere (Accept Payments Anywhere)
  • No SETUP fee, free rental (Easy Setup)

NFC Payment

  • Save your time and charge (Fee) Money
  • Available to Anytime & Anywhere
  • No SETUP fee, free rental


  • Minimize the risk of refunds & Data protection
  • Powerful Payment Gateways & Software
  • Online transaction with Credit card

Check Processing

  • Guaranteed up to $25,000
  • No Worry about bounced check, bad check
  • Save time
  • Easy & Simple Processing

POS System / Clover Station

General POS

Based on Personal computer, all sales data can be stored and managed in own PC.
Maintenance Fee: Starting at $3,200

Clover Station

Based on Cloud, all sales data can be stored and managed on the main server.
Maintenance Fee: $39/Mon Starting at $999

Retail POS

Based on Windows, best for beauty supply, liquor store, market, women clothes, Auto, cosmetic, Deli shop.
Maintenance Fee: $30/Mon Starting at $2,999

Restaurant POS

Based on Windows, Best for Korean restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, Fast food, Japanese restaurant.
Maintenance Fee: $30/Mon

Cleaners POS

Based on Windows, Only best for Cleaners.
Maintenance Fee: $30/Mon

Free rental POS (3yrs Contract)

Based on Cloud, Best for Korean restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Fast food.
Maintenance Fee: $89/Mon

Financial Solutions

Our company instantly helps to release the blocked funds.

Our company will invest for up to one month of sales.

Ex. Investment Period Redemption per day Investment amount Profit
1 $5,000 24 weeks $35 24 weeks x $248 $5,950
2 $10,000 40 weeks $43 40 weeks x $298 $11,910
Return of investment and profit
Every day the redemption amount will be charged as credit card sales automatically.
The lease of the business must remain for a certain period of time.
There is an additional cost $30 (UCC Filing FEE) for return of investment.
It takes 7 business days after contract because it is a method of distributing profits by investing short-term funds in the business.

Roll Paper Supply

Our Company supplies inexpensive and high quality roll paper.

  Credit Card Paper POS Paper Cash Register Paper  
EA/Box $/Box $/EA EA/Box $/Box $/EA EA/Box $/Box $/EA
Our Customer Price 50 0.00 0.00 50 50.00 1.00 50 40.00 0.80 Available to order 1 box
Non Our Customer Price
Minimum order quantity 3 boxes
50 20.00 0.40 50 60.00 1.20 50 50.00 1.00 Order 3 days prior
50 25.00 0.50 50 65.00 1.30 50 55.00 1.10 Order 2 days prior
50 30.00 0.60 50 70.00 1.40 50 60.00 1.20 Order 1 day prior
50 30.00 0.60 50 80.00 1.60 50 70.00 1.40 Order on the day

ATM Machine

Passing customers to Fixed customers: ATM installation induces additional spending.

Let the customer come back and re-visit: Cash withdrawn from trusted ATM leads to sales.

The most advantage is that up to 100% of the cash withdrawn from ATM paid go to your bank account.

  • More fixed customers

Surveillance / CCTV

Theft Prevention: Shops without surveillance cameras are exposed to much more theft than those that are installed.

Elimination of fraud insurance claims: CCTV can eliminate litigation and reduce insurance fee.

Remote monitorin: It can be monitored over the Internet anytime and anywhere.

  • Theft Prevention
  • Elimination of fraud insurance claim
  • Remote monitoring

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Low rate guarantee

Lower rate than current company (Save card fee 10~45%)

Fixed Rate

Rate unchanged for first 5 years (excluding cost increase of VISA, MASTER CARD)

Next day funding

Daily transactions batch before 6pm(CST), funds are deposited in the next business day morning

AMEX Same day funding

American Express Card Same day funding with VISA/MASTER Card

No signature line

No signature line under $25 **We pay for you under $25 charge back

NO setup fee

Free terminal, free paper roll, free installation, free analysis statement

Online sales report

Set up the online sales report, it will be able to see anytime, anywhere.

NO Cancellation fee

You can cancel at any time, No Cancellation fee.

Support EBT Card

EBT Cash card, EBT Food Card (required:FNS#)

No fee when Decline

No any fee for Void and Decline transaction