AA Merchant Services is Anytime Anywhere Merchant Services.

"The commitment to making your services for customers Anytime, Anywhere."

10 benefits of AA Merchant Services


Low rate guarantee

Lower rate than current company (Save card fee 10~45%)

Fixed Rate

Rate unchanged for first 5 years (excluding cost increase of VISA, MASTER CARD)

Next day funding

Daily transactions batch before 6pm(CST), funds are deposited in the next business day morning

AMEX Same day funding

American Express Card Same day funding with VISA/MASTER Card

No signature line

No signature line under $25 **We pay for you under $25 charge back

NO setup fee

Free terminal, free paper roll, free installation, free analysis statement

Online sales report

Set up the online sales report, it will be able to see anytime, anywhere.

NO Cancellation fee

You can cancel at any time, No Cancellation fee.

Support EBT Card

EBT Cash card, EBT Food Card (required:FNS#)

No fee when Decline

No any fee for Void and Decline transaction

Credit Card Processing

Do you want a different payment method than cash? Do you think your merchant service charge too high? Our company provides what owner wants everything..

  • Save 10~45%

Credit / Debit Card Rate

  1. Debit Card Interchange Rate: 0.05% + 22cents
    (ex: Sale $50: $50 * 0.05% + $0.22 = 24.5cents)
  2. Credit Card Interchange rate: 1.19% + 10 cents
    (ex: Sale $50: $50 * 1.19% + $0.10 = 69.5cents)

There are many types of credit cards, depending on which card you are charging.

Kind of Terminal

1. Chip Card
2. Use Phone Line
3. Use Internet
4. Use Wireless
6. Accesaries

Mobile / NFC Payment

Mobile is not difficult. All you need is a mobile device (Android phone or iPhone) and Mobile Processing to get Credit Card. With AAMS, you can get Credit Card anywhere and anytime.

It is also good to prepare for backup when a power outage or Credit Card terminal breaks down.

  • Save your time and charge (Fee) Money
  • Available to Anytime & Anywhere
  • No SETUP fee, free rental

1. Mobile Payment

2. Near Field Communication (NFC) Payment

Gift Card

1) Gift Card: Deposit a certain amount PRE-PAID CARD
2) Loyalty Card: A card that gives a certain percentage of bonus points to the amount spent

Are you looking for a new way to improve your sales and revenue? You can be satisfied with our Gift Card Program. Considering that gift card sales were $970 billion in 2007 and $830 billion in 2006, business without Gift Cards may have to disappear.(NewYorkTimes).

  • Create new business repeatedly
  • Annual revenue growth
  • Attract new customers

GGE-4: E-Commerce / Virtual Terminal

Online sales are not easy to start. But, it is easy to start with AA Merchant Services. AAMS will help to build E-Commerce Merchant account.

The most important problem in staring online sales is data security. Being an E-Commerce Merchant must take the necessary steps to prevent hacking and theft. What is the most effective way to prevent hacking and theft?

Fortunately, AAMS has the latest technology and solutions for securely processing credit card online transactions in shopping carts and virtual terminals.

  • Minimize the risk of refunds & Data protection
  • Powerful payment Gateways & Software
  • Online transaction with Credit card
  • Customer billing / Recurring servicee

Check Garantee

Automatic deposit checks in without having to go to the bank. If bouncing is given after the approval process, guarantee up to less than $25,000.

  • No worry "Bad Check"
  • Save Time
  • Easy & Simple transaction

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